A recent article just declared that the aroma of good and plenty candy mixed with cucumber is the most sensual aroma for women. Hmmmmm. Really? I’d like to know who spends their time mixing boxes of candy with raw vegetables? Nevertheless, this got me thinking about aromas.

Soft, warm, loving aromas like Mom’s Chanel #5, or was it #19?
Harsh, chemical aromas like tobacco and wheel oil on my dad.
Pintos and cabbage cooking in the kitchen as I arrived home from grade school (making me want to run the other way!).
Lemon pine sol easing the nausea of our son through chemotherapy.
Isse Miyake, the only fragrance my husband wears.
Country apple candles, always burning in our daughter’s kitchen.
Cheesy pizza smells on the clothes of our son who works in the local Pizza Joint.
Coconut oil on the beach. Ooohhh…nice.

Maybe there’s something to this olfactory thing. Where can I still buy some of that good and plenty candy….and maybe a few cucumbers?