I needed to stop by the grocery this morning.  My troops were complaining about empty shelves in the frig.  The minute I got out of my car, I realized that it was Senior Citizens’ Day at the Teeter.  A roaring success I would say.  Aged citizens with all types of infirmities filled the parking lot and store aisles.  Thank you, Lord, for letting me walk in this sliding glass door on my own two feet.  I exited fine, too, pushing my own grocery cart —until a big pack of paper towels bumped off the cart onto the pavement and was almost flattened by a passing car.  It doesn’t pay to be too haughty and confident on Senior Day at the Teeter.  I should have let that cute high school boy push my cart.

My shopping excursion was a warm-up to my next adventure of delivering Meals on Wheels in 90 degree heat.  My fellow deliverer was at the beach, so I didn’t even get to alternate taking piping hot meals up hills and steep steps to front doors.

Senior Services started a new program of engaging clients by inviting them to respond to weekly questions.  Drivers are asked to deliver the responses the next week.  Last week’s question was, “If you had the opportunity to get a message out to a large group of people, what would your message be?”  There were expected answers of love, peace and tolerance.  The next response caught my eye.  “Be a blessing to someone today.  Each day is a gift.  Open it.  Enjoy it.  Share it.  I have heard similar sayings throughout my life; however, it took on a more powerful meaning when I was smacked down by illness.  So rejoice, sing, dance, if only in your mind.”

One of my last stops was at Norma’s.  Norma is confined to her small apartment. Sometimes a caregiver from the county is there.  Norma and I had a conversation about her pet cat.  He appears to be on his last leg, as well.  As I departed, I wished Norma a good day.  She replied, “Honey, for me every day is the same; it’s just another day.” I thought to myself, I hope Norma is able to rejoice, sing and dance, if only in her mind.