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IMG_3247My Mother’s Garden

On a recent return to my sister and brother in law’s home in Wilmington, NC, where Mom lived the last couple years of her life,  I came upon some interesting finds.

Mom loved living in Wilmington, and especially loved the lanai overlooking the peaceful pond and various wildlife that often visited. Butterflies flitted in and out of the natural area, bluebirds appeared at the feeder squeezing in and out of the little hole, dragonflies attached themselves to the lanai screen appearing to eavesdrop on the conversations within and hummingbirds sipped gently at the feeder before disappearing instantly from sight.

Resting gently against the wall in the guest room when I arrived this past January, was an embroidery piece I made for Mom in the early ’80s before our first child was born. As I looked over the print, I was amazed at the patience I must have had to complete the piece. I can just imagine how my mother felt when she saw this gift for the first time.

And there, instilled in the artwork was the true garden of my Mom’s life. Surrounded by a bevy of beautiful flowers was a butterfly and a hummingbird suspended in air and a script by the author, Alice E. Allen, that truly said it all: “Her heart is like her garden, old fashioned, quaint and sweet.”

Little did I know back then I would witness my Mom surrounded by the garden of her life where she was in peace, comfort, where she was surrounded by all she loved and  all who loved her. She was every bit of the stanza depicted in My Mother’s Garden.

I will always love you, Mom.

Monica Sleap