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Sitting together sharing stories with members of our writing group this weekend at a lake house on Kerr Lake, the subject of peonies was discussed. This fragrant flowering shrub was included in one of the mom’s writings as she described flowers and “cuttings” passed down through the generations of her family.

What many of us did not know was the belief that ants were an integral part of the tight peony bulb releasing its relentless grip. It is believed by some that the ants that surrounded and nibbled at such a beautiful flowering shrub as it blooms each year actually assist in the majestic blossom event.

Whether this be true or not, I am reminded how much I enjoy learning new things every day, and hold fast to the truth that we collectively are “never too old to learn something new.”

Click here to read the poem we used as a prompt for the thoughts about peonies.

Monica Sleap


And below, see the peonies early to bloom at the home of one of our writing group members this weekend. (photo by Dan Hester)

IMG_2608Monica Sleap