More Links and Resources

Here are a few resources that we have used and can recommend as helpful. We are also posting links to other blogs on writing and grief.

Trellis Supportive Care (formerly Hospice and Palliative CareCenter of Winston-Salem), one of the sponsors of our first all-day writing workshop in 2002: Click here.

See Carol Henderson‘s web page for writing workshops
Farther Along Facebook page usually links to new posts on our blog: See this link for ordering information:Farther Along

Meadow Restoration: A Chronicle of Managing an Old Field to Protect its Flora and Fauna includes a post about finding a surprising link to one of our children:

A link to a post by Julie Hester’s Writing in Company, one of the Farther Along mothers: Writing in Company blog

A link to SECU Family House in Winston-Salem about Farther Along  Proceeds from book sales go to Family House. Besides Amazon and online sellers and sales at book events, you can purchase copies of Farther Along at SECU Family House,1970 Baldwin Lane, Winston-Salem, NC.

Kindermourn in Charlotte, NC hosted a workshop in October and one of the Farther Along women led a writing workshop in February and March at 1320 Harding Place, Charlotte, NC 28204. See .

Farther Along had books for sale at Voices of Hope, an annual event sponsored by the Michael Yang Foundation in Salisbury, NC in November 2012 and November 2013, and a writing symposium/book signing sponsored by the group was held in April 2013. See and for more information.

An article from Winston-Salem Journal examines the healing power of the arts, Including remarks by Beth Baldwin, Farther Along and Carol Henderson workshops:


View Angela Miller’s blog and site for bereaved parents at .

What’s Your Grief (WYG) is a blog by two mental health professionals with 10+ years of experience in grief and bereavement. Both Eleanor and Litsa, the authors, have experienced the death of a parent and have dealt with life after that loss. They have collected a book list, podcasts and usually post twice a week on grief topics at

Anna Donaldson writes An Inch of Gray, a blog started before the death of her son Jack. Donaldson’s memoir, A Rare Bird, was published in September 2014 and  Hug from Heaven in 2018. See more on Anna’s website here. One of our writing group members shared an article about Donaldson from the Washington Post.

A post on Hot Off the Press blog mentions some blogs about writing through grief:

After attendance at a book event in Salisbury at the Literary Bookpost, Dawn Poulterer wrote this post on her own blog about what she heard:

Contribute a story to A Long Journey of Loss and Healing/ mothers share their stories after the death of a child and read others at

Another mother’s blog about losing a child is I Have to Choose Joy at

Read the blog of Karen Gerstenberger, another bereaved mother, The SFDWG (Sh*tty First Draft Writing Group) at

Karen Johnson’s blog in memory of her son Joseph is at Karen is a member of the same writing group as Karen Gerstenberger.

Robin Gaphni writes about the transformational power of grief in her blog Grief and Gratitude at

Denise Smyth writes a blog about her son Phillip, Forever 21, at

Becky Johnston wrote “Windows on Grief” on her blog, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up at

Rebecca Carney writes Grief: One Woman’s Perspective at and includes a post with resources for those facing the holidays.

Wendy, a recent widow, writes a blog about trying one new thing each day:

Read posts by Deanna, whose blog Willow Post: Rewriting Life After Loss is at See this New Year’s post:


2 thoughts on “More Links and Resources”

  1. I have just discovered this site and am speechless. How serendipitous that you all met one another and struck up this amazing friendship in the depths of such great loss.

    Like you, I am a bereaved mother. My 21-year-old son Matthew died from a virulent form of strep in October 2010. Like many of you, I have been writing my way through my grief. I have a blog and a fairly new writing group made up of other bereaved mothers. It’s so comforting to hear how helpful and long standing your group has been. We are just not as far along on the journey as all of you. I will be passing along your link to everyone.
    Thank you. Just reading through your stories gives me hope.

    Liked by 2 people

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