Stand here, little sailor boys, two by two.

Let me tell you what I’m going to do.

Forget your home,

Forget your mind,

Forget your soul that says you’re you.

I’m here today to make you a man –

Not any ole man, a COOKIE man.

Dressed in white or navy blue,

I’ll let you know just what to do.

And when.

And how.

Don’t you worry,

Don’t wrinkle your brow.

No questions, no thoughts,

No dreams to fill.

Just march and listen

To the daily drill.

Say you want to help,

You want to heal?

Never mind that crap.

Now here’s the deal:

I own you, see,

I decide your fate.

Don’t care what’s good ‘bout you

Or what you hate.

Just step in line.

Follow my lead.

Be a good sailor.

That’s all I need.

In memory of Alex, who wanted to be a good sailor boy.

~Dottye Law Currin, April 2004