Thanks to Brett for making that collection of music on a cassette tape and sending it to Alex. He had told his friend how good it was to have music he liked when he was out to sea. Apparently that tape had been playing all the day in Alex’s car – there in the parking lot of the community pool, right in front of the trash can – until the battery died, long after Alex had died.

But when Tom retrieved that cassette from the car and brought it to me, it was a treasure.

I listened to it. I liked it. I really liked that music. And I was sad that we didn’t even know we liked that same music. When I hear one of those tunes now, especially those by the Eagles or Kansas, I sit with you and tap out the beat. Or sing along. Alone.

A connection with you at your last breath. Desperados. How true.

~Dottye Currin