Lean on Me Plaster Carving
6"x 4"x 4"

This family portrait was one of my first creative efforts following the death of my daughter, Rebecca. Sapped of my strength, all I could think of was my great need to have somebody to lean on.  Alone, we are all weak, but when we cling tightly together, we gain strength. The sculpture shows a solid strength.

The smooth finish, as well as the shape and size of this piece seemed to invite the viewer to embrace this group of figures with their own hands. Those who reach out and dare to hold this sculpture are given the opportunity to discover the intricate carving hidden on the bottom of the work. Into the bottom of each figure, I carved a heart—then joined each heart with a neverending circle.

For the first time I am forced to consider: Do I represent my family with five figures or six?  In spite of the facts of my physical reality, the question is still unthinkable…impossible! Six figures? Yes! The bond of love that was shared will always be a part of all of us.

~Peggy Clover