I am from the snowy streets of Buffalo, NY with more cloudy days than sun.

I am from Dick and Irene Johnson-number 4 of 7 children.

I am from Saint John’s Church, Mount Saint Mary’s School until Kenmore West High School came into the picture in 10th grade.

I am from Sunday treats and New York times.

I am from piano lessons and nursery rhymes.

I am from nightly prayers and “God Bless the Pope.”

I am from surrey rides and jumping rope.

I am from vacations in Canada-Fort Erie and Crystal Beach.

I am from boat rides on Lake Erie and the Niagara River.

I am from 5 minute phone call limits and dinner in silence.

I am from Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve listening to the nuns singing.

I am from a large family with many nieces and nephews.

I am from a hard working family with good morals and values.

I am from memorable times and sad ones, too.

I am from visits to Allen Park and Midway Park.

I am from swingsets and tree climbing days.

I am from apple, cherry, and pumpkin pies.

I am from pot roasts, homemade soup, and yorkshire pudding.

I am from cowboy cookies, elevator lady spice cookies and chocolate chip too.

I am from laughter and then some.

I am from tears shed but held back, too.

I am from writers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

I am from “love for one another as you would like to be loved.”

~Monica Sleap-2006