I saved my children from cuts and bruises, falls from bicycles, tumbles from trees. I saved them from hurtful words, some thrown aimlessly, carelessly. Some meant to inflict harm.

I tried to save William from hurtful procedures, needle sticks, surgical pain and the effects of toxic drugs. I attempted to save him from stares and slurs and sometimes the laughter of children– when it was directed toward him.

I have tried to save my family – through the years – from the anguish of grief, have tried to inflect humor and resilience. I have saved my husband from crying alone. I now try to save my mother from facing the fears of aging, the knowledge that her body is failing. I have saved my son too many times. He is now saving himself.

It is hard work – these things I save. Yet I accept that these saves are not solely mine. Along this journey, I vow to strive to continue to save….my time…my being….my energy…my sanity…myself.