The waitress just stood there waiting.
Behind the cash register.
Drawer open.
Order taken.
Turkey with avocado and sprouts.
Fried (baked) pickles.
Cabernet wine.

Only she said “CaberNET.”
Like a sport played across a game net.
But she was young.
And her parents are probably pleased that she still says “caberNET.”

My license?
She’s kidding, isn’t she?
So, like any underage kid, I reply…”I don’t have it with me.”
Only…really….I don’t.
I make it a rule to NOT carry a phone or wallet when out on a date with my husband.

And tonight is special.
We are accompanied by our beautiful fifteen year old granddaughter….and no, I don’t think I’m biased!

But back to the wine….and the license…..
The waitress stood her ground.
Company policy.
“But, don’t you see? This is my GRANDdaughter….”

“Doesn’t matter….”


Fortunately a kinder, gentler (as opposed to saying older and wiser) waitress approached.
It was probably the snickering in the line forming behind us that drew her attention.

“What seems to be the problem, honey?”
Thus began the license policy speech again.

“Awww, honey…not if you can see gray across the room!”

What?! She didn’t just say that!! Did she?!?
Laughter ensues.
Hair is fluffed.

“Just make it a double, please.”