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Mixed media 12×12

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As the months passed following Rebecca’s death, I came to a startling awareness that my inside feelings and outside persona had never been farther apart.  While physically, I appeared much like my old self—talking, laughing, working, etc., inside I felt like my entire body was full of broken glass.  Even the slightest disturbance to my emotions created a sudden and powerful avalanche within me painfully rearranging the sharp edges and repeatedly cutting through me.

So I used my hand-thrown pots as a representation of myself.  The outsides are smoothly glazed and appear to be normal-looking examples of pots.  It is only when they are cut open, left vulnerable, that the reality of the interior becomes visible.  I filled the insides of the pots with shards of glass, demonstrating how I felt inside.  I chose to use colored glass as a symbol of hope that I should someday find some beauty in the pain.