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Beverly just added an update to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sign page. See https://fartheralongbook.com/sisterhood-of-the-traveling-sign/

She added an acrostic for Mother’s Day:


Of the time (12 years and 12,000 tears and more later)

The days are joy-filled. That’s unbelievable! But knowing the 12 women with whom I have walked this journey


Enabled me to share in the brokenness of losing my sons. And the healing. These 12 are broken too. And they are healing. For the almost 12 years that we have been writing our hearts have

Rested together, played together, cried together, laughed together. And WRITTEN. TOGETHER. The stories of our children are all very different, yet we are the

Same. We are mothers.

~Beverly Burton, May 2014