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During our last writing retreat, Barbara Goldsmith led the group in a prompt writing session. She brought blank slips of paper inspired by Candy Chang to inspire others to document on the statement:  “Before I die, I want to…”

The following is what I wrote from the prompt:

Before I die, I want to……….

~live vivaciously
~enjoy peeks at the morning sun rising gently to meet the new day, and the brilliant sunset as it blinks its eye in slumber
~I want to feel the surge of delight inside like tiny bubbles in a glass of club soda, knowing something good is about to happen
~I want to be able to nod in reverence to a life well lived with great respect for those in my life who helped me get there
~I want to be a part of the bigger picture where it comes to leading the earth’s inhabitants in world peace
~I want to know that even the smallest gesture of kindness could make a significant difference in another person’s life
~I want to laugh at the moment, cry if I need to and feel comfort in either direction
~I always want to have that one great desire beyond what I have already accomplished
~I want to lead by example and not to be made an example of
~I want to, at least once, do all the things I was warned not to do, just to see what it feels like to do it

And in all this, I want to live life vivaciously.










Monica Sleap

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