This past Mother’s Day, my husband had his eye on a present that he knew I would like. As Mother’s Day approached, he drove to the nursery nearby to purchase a butterfly house he saw for sale there. Unfortunately, the ornate butterfly houses were already sold out, so he had to settle for an adorable bamboo tear-drop shaped butterfly house for me. He expressed his disappointment that it wasn’t exactly what he had hoped for, but it would have to do.

This sparked a desire in him to make one of his own. He has enjoyed many years of wood working and decided to put his talents to good use. I watched as he drew up designs, cut the wood, assembled the house and painted it to perfection. He presented the gift to my sister Margaret for her birthday this past June.

imageThis week, we traveled to Margaret’s home in the Wilmington, NC area. She had the
butterfly house brilliantly displayed in her garden that overlooks a pond in the back yard. We were so delighted that Margaret loved the gift and it fit into her garden so beautifully.

Time for the butterflies to come!!!

Monica Sleap