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On 9/14/15, I lost a significant person in my life, Irene Kelly Johnson.

I always loved her name. She was my Mom. I have so many happy memories of her, and miss her so much. She would call me nightly and say how much it would help her fall asleep each night after she heard my voice. Mom died surrounded by all her children and some of her grandchildren.

I don’t know of any other person In my life who has touched me in the way she has. She allowed me to vent frustrations and was such a great listener.

In her final hours, I sat by her side and recited the poem I memorized in 7th grade entitled “Lasca” by Frank Deprez. She was with me along with my Dad as I memorized the poem my Great Aunt Margaret used to recite to our family in the late 1960s.

Mom supported me and my husband Rick after the sudden loss of our daughter, Katie, in 2001, just a couple of years after losing Dad to lung cancer.

God speed, Mom. Rest in peace. imageSee this page on the blog for a painting of Irene.