Dear Beverly,
The new chapter in your life sounds wonderful! I’m so happy for you. It is amazing how our lives seem to “work out.” I do believe that our prayers are heard AND as soon as we ask, we are guided toward that which is all good.
I have to think, too, that our deceased children help us. In some marvelous way, I do think they can set into motion “circumstances” which help us in our daily lives. My Catholic friends pray to particular saints; in that sense, I feel as though our children are like the saints of old. I’m always grateful for any help I can get from on high.
Two Sundays ago, while in church, I thought I remembered what the announced hymn number was, but the number that came into my head was the children’s hymn we used at our Elizabeth’s funeral: “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God.” Imagine my surprise and delight. I needed consoling at the time and that circumstance cheered me right up. I knew Elizabeth was still with me, still making everything all right.
And so, I am glad that your boys are still with you and that they are setting into motion the new chapter of your life.
Blessings and love,
~Betsy Anderson