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In our youth copycats were people who snatched up someone else’s ideas, possessions and fashions and got something just like it. I was never the one who was copied and I was never one to be called a copycat as I just didn’t have the money or style sense to jump on the bandwagon at the beginning. But eventually I guess we all became copycats of sorts and by the time that happened, it was no longer a negative. Everyone wore white Keds, everyone tried teasing their hair to make it big, wore white lipstick, blue eye shadow. Initially I thought they were all ridiculous, but eventually I became one of the copycats too.

Then we grew up and learned it was much more important to follow our own hearts. But the copycats were still there enticing our kids with much more force than we had. So we spent years trying help our children find the balance between being a copycat (begging for designer clothes) and being an independent thinker (shopping at Goodwill). Sometimes I even wished they were copycats.

So many people have said that by age 40 or 50 they gain a peacefulness about doing whatever they want without regard to what other people think. There is a freedom when you don’t have to be influenced by copycats.

However, it seems lately I am aware of being surrounded by so many creative, productive, sensitive, strong women that I want to be a copycat. But I am old enough and wise enough to know that I can’t do that. I see all the talents my friends are using at this later time in life–the writers, health care workers, textile artists, bookmakers, religious leaders and counselors. They are inspiring to me. I don’t need to copy what they do, but I want to copy those traits of creativity, productivity, sensitivity and strength. And every day I think how lucky I am to have been able to surround myself with such awesome women.

I hope I can also inspire them with my fantastic abilities at Lexulous, my sense of direction, my love of wine and pizza and my desire to never pass up a girls weekend.

OK, that last sentence was just to leave you with a chuckle. I wasn’t meaning to put myself down.

But I really want to say that I think we are all pretty amazing, and it’s OK if Peggy wants to be a copycat.