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Seven of the thirteen of us gathered to share some “farther along” writings at an outdoor dinner party at the home of a Winston-Salem couple this week.

As it happens when we are together, we are surprised by words, and our hearts are touched even as we share our own words with others.

We were grateful to have Diane, the Hospice counselor without whom we would not have had that first workshop nearly eleven years ago, and Lehoma, who represented Home Moravian Church, another sponsor of the writing toward healing workshop that Salem College also sponsored. Kathy, the executive director of SECU Family House where proceeds from our books are given, joined us too.

We were so pleased that Kevin and his wife could attend. Kevin is the publisher at Press 53 who did the book design and believed in the book (and also nudged us to change the title when we were set on another).

Every guest brought something we were thankful for: a connection, a reconnection, love and support of family, support for a project that has pushed us toward wholeness (whatever that is at this point in our lives) and that has kept us writing and reflecting and sharing and honoring our children.


Kathy reads “YOLO”,” a post from the blog, at the dinner and reading. You can see it on the blog here.

The hosts, Peggy O’Donnell and her husband David Williams, were generous without measure to open their home to us, prepare a sumptuous meal to share and invite persons dear to them too.

And we were touched by the presence of Nora, who told us she had read Farther Along while pregnant with her fourth child and after losing her third child, an infant who lived just a short time.


Carol read “4-3-2-1” as Monica waited to read “Have Card Will Travel” to the group at dinner. Read these posts here and here if you missed them.

We escaped storm clouds and did not mind the July heat. (No more cold board rooms for us, we hope!)

Thanks to all who planned and prepared the event and shared parts of our journeys with us.

It is still our hope that our stories offer hope in others’ journeys too.