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It’s hard to believe that tomorrow marks the twenty first anniversary of our daughter’s passing. Caroline E brought much joy to our family and, in very many ways, she still does. I recently found a school notebook in which is written an exchange of notes probably passed in an 8th grade class. I had to chuckle as I read the following:

Friend: When do you think I’ll get asked to “go” with someone? ANYONE? Before a week, a month, a year, a century? (I know this is going too far.)

Caroline E: Well, it depends on you! If you really like someone, let ’em know it! And if you think they like you back, ask ’em out! It’s not all that hard, is it?

Friend: Well, I think Ben already knows but I don’t know about John. I could get a CERTAIN PERSON to drop a couple of hints.

Caroline E: Like who?

Friend: GUESS!

Caroline E: Christina?

Friend: I don’t even know Christina.

Caroline E: Katie, from yo’ church?

Friend: Right on, brother!

Caroline E: Give me three reasons why you like him.

Friend: 1.Because he’s cute (this is my opinion, OK?) 2. Because he’s caring (don’t judge, you don’t even know him) 3. and extremely funny.

Caroline E: About #3, do you mean he’s funny meaning strange? or do you mean that he’s funny meaning he makes good jokes?

Friend: He has a good sense of humor and tells good (perverted) jokes. (My type! happy face.)

Caroline E: To say the LEAST!! But are you sure you like that in a guy? Don’t you want RESPECT?

Friend: He gives me respect, damn it!

Sage advice or giving “Friend” a hard time? Probably a bit of both. I hope you are having a happy Valentine’s Day and that all your 8th grade relationship problems are far behind you.

A note to my daughter.

Thanks for being my funny Valentine, Caroline E.

Love, Mom